Nicolas Williams

Game Producer

Who Am I?
I am a Computer Science Engineering student at The University of Michigan, set to graduate May 2020.

I am also the head of WolverineSoft Studio, an initiative I spear-headed at the University to facilitate long-term, 15-30 person game projects in the hopes of strengthening the game development program and giving students more robust experience working with multidisciplinary teams.

The success of the team is my number one passion. Whether it's through removing barriers to their work, promoting clear communication, or just helping everyone keep track of their tasks, I am most engaged when I feel that I'm making a positive difference in my team's ability to work on what is most important.
I have learned to handle any and every responsibility that is necessary to support my team's success. Traditionally, this can be something as straightforward as taking notes in a meeting and following up with other teams afterwards, or keeping track of my team's tasks during a sprint. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to defuse conflicts within the team or assess the risk associated with a major decision or course of action. To navigate these obstacles, I have learned to adapt to changes in my expectations and to recognize and minimize as many unknown variables as possible.

The development of a comprehensive understanding of project management principles has also become integral to ensuring I can perform at the level that my team requires. Being able to quickly break down tasks and identify dependencies has allowed me to plan more effectively for my team and to deal with unforeseen obstacles in development with a level head.
Computer Scientist
My formal education in Computer Science and my experience as a programmer give me a deeper understanding of the operations of programming and infrastructure teams. This understanding helps me to identify technical dependencies, accurately assess and mitigate technical risks, and handle any blockers that inhibit my team's progress.

This background has augmented my ability to communicate across technical barriers and has taught me to break down information into components that are easier to interpret and address. I am able to understand and keep track of my team's tasks, while also actively contributing to the decision-making processes that shape the development timeline.
Player of Games
I grew up playing Warcraft 3, Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet and Clank. Some of my favorite games nowadays are God of War (2018), Red Dead Redemption 2, Celeste, and The Last of Us.

Games give you agency in a story that other people created for you. Like every game developer, I want to give people a story that means something to them, but I'm just as interested in the process of creating that story with other developers. It's not just about giving something to other people, it's about contributing to something larger than myself.