Nicolas Williams

Game Producer

Circle Survival

Solo Project

About Circle Survival

Circle Survival is a single-player multidirectional arcade shooter game where you must survive as long as possible against an endless onslaught of alien attackers. Strategically switch between your recoil-inducing blaster and your deflective shield to earn the high score in this never-ending test of persistence!

[ Playable Demo ]

Development Info

  • 2 Week Development Cycle
  • 1 Developer
  • Unity Engine

My Responsibilities


What went wrong

  • Failed to playtest new features
  • Gameplay could have been more novel
  • Final product required additional balancing
  • Weapon system did not have clear synergy or strategic benefit

What went right

  • Effectively observed player patterns during playtesting
  • Implemented changes to address problematic patterns seen in playtesting
  • Maintained a realistic scope throughout development

Lessons learned

  • Identify and iterate on key design features early and often
  • Playtest, playtest, playtest
  • Learned playtesting strategies that encourage honest, unfiltered feedback
  • Make builds for every platform early and often