Nicolas Williams

Game Producer

Dante's Descent

Developed by Shrug Studios GJ

Designer, Programmer

About Dante's Descent

Dante's Descent is a singleplayer hack and slash where you must delve into the depths Hell itself to recover that which was lost. But beware, the dwellers of Hell don't take kindly to those who enter their domain!

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Development Info

  • Game jam theme "Fall"
  • 48 Hour Development Cycle
  • 5 Developers
  • Unity Engine

My Responsibilities


What went wrong

  • Game was not completely finished by the 48 hour deadline
  • Failed to effectively integrate and utilize new team members
  • Misprioritized tasks, resulting major features being incomplete
  • Failed to maintain consistent communication with the music team

What went right

  • All voices felt heard during brainstorming sessions and throughout the design process
  • Maintained clear and consistent communication with the art team throughout development
  • Successfully discussed and learned from failure to meet final deadline

Lessons learned

  • Create iterative builds to assess progress trajectory
  • Take task prioritization seriously and adhere to it throughout development
  • Communicate design changes to relevant teams as early as possible
  • Have a process for quickly bringing new team members up to speed