Nicolas Williams

Game Producer


Developed by WolverineSoft Studio

Production Director

About Dreamwillow

Dreamwillow is a top-down 2D twin-stick shooter made by the University of Michigan's video game development club, where you resurrect your felled foes to fight alongside you in a dreamlike forest.

Development Info

  • 11 Week Development Cycle
  • 32 Developers
  • Unity Engine

My Responsibilities


What went wrong

  • Didn't have as much time to polish & iterate on gameplay design
  • Audio team felt their work was too reactive
  • Creative direction wasn't always completely clear

What went right

  • Team members felt involved and had a lot of creative control
  • Set up an effective pipeline for quality assurance
  • Final deadline was met with little work being done at the last minute

Lessons learned

  • Important to integrate audio (sfx particularly) into the workflow earlier on
  • When possible, try to give team members creative control within their tasks
  • Long-term schedules go a long way to keep everyone on the same page