Nicolas Williams

Game Producer


Developed by WolverineSoft Studio

Producer, Project Manager

About Infectant

Infectant is a top-down 2D adventure game where you must adopt the perspective of a germ that has infected a human body, as it tries to survive against the overwhelming assault of the immune system.

Development Info

  • 9 Week Development Cycle
  • 17 Developers
  • Unity Engine

My Responsibilities


What went wrong

  • Sometimes failed to keep all team members informed of design pivots
  • Waited too long to cut features
  • Overestimated team availability & committment
  • General lack of trust & understanding across teams

What went right

  • The game was completed, which was a first for many team members!
  • Cultivated a growth mindset throughout the team in the face of failures and setbacks
  • Utilized team feedback to improve communication and organization during the project

Lessons learned

  • Encourage incremental progress and frequent check-ins on deliverables
  • Minimize late major pivots unless absolutely necessary
  • Address the root of an issue, not just the proposed solution
  • Identify decision-makers at the beginning of important meetings to address expectations