Nicolas Williams

Game Producer


Developed by WolverineSoft Studio

Production Director

About Io

Io is a single-player action platformer with challenging combat and a central mechanic of teleportation.

Development Info

  • 15 Week Development Cycle
  • 57 Developers
  • Unity Engine

My Responsibilities


What went wrong

  • Underestimated the production costs of a single large team
  • Team members weren't initially comfortable with Jira
  • Took too long to get discover the core experience
  • Didn't initially have good systems for cross-departmental communication

What went right

  • Successfully identified and resolved workflow blockages
  • Made scope reductions when necessary, and effectively communicated them to the team
  • Effectively handled the transition to remote work due to COVID-19

Lessons learned

  • Vertical slice milestone is an effective way to establish the game early on
  • Showing off member work is great for motivation and morale
  • If there isn't a clear avenue for communication, it might not happen at all
  • During scope reductions, important to focus on what is being improved, as opposed to what's being lost