Nicolas Williams

Game Producer

Miner Mayhem

Developed by Shrug Studios

Producer, Programmer

About Miner Mayhem

Miner Mayhem is a 2v2 platformer where each team must coordinate their shared control of a single miner to win a series of high stakes races in search of hidden gold! The catch? The only method of movement is through the use of deployable grappling hooks! Who will emerge victorious in this battle of teamwork, determination and grit?

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Development Info

  • 9 Week Development Cycle
  • 5 Developers
  • Unity Engine

My Responsibilities


What went wrong

  • Overestimated the amount of time some team members would be willing to commit to the project
  • Meetings were often scheduled too close to important deadlines for design changes to be implemented
  • Low priority last minute changes nearly jeopardized showcase performance

What went right

  • Team embraced internal and external criticisms and was always willing to re-evaluate our own decisions and biases
  • Team members actively took ownership of mistakes and communicated disagreements clearly and respectfully
  • Preserved clear distinctions between roles and responsibilities for all team members

Lessons learned

  • Clearly communicate expected levels of contribution to allow for accurate task and sprint estimations
  • Avoid unnecessary last-minute build changes
  • Schedule meetings that leave sufficient time for implementing design changes